Saturday, November 8, 2008

Revolution is here!

I spend entirely way too much time *thinking* and not enough time *doing*. It is a nasty little trap to be thinking so much that you have exhausted yourself entirely and you give up before you ever began.

I've got to turn things around and become more accomplished, if you will, at *doing*. For the next month I will be working on some "Revolutions," not to be confused with "resolutions." I have realized that I cannot resolve to do anything! Resolve just isn't enough anymore. I need to revolutionize the way I think, act, and react. I am going to have to declare war on many things in my life.

It is war! Excuse me while I take cover!


dizzblnd said...

I will join you in your revolution! I am always a talker.... very rarely am I a walker.. It is time to change that!

Good Luck to you!

Tamara said...

I'm good at doing things... until halfway through a project when I get bored ;-) So you do the resolutions and revolutions and I'll try to develop some perseverance!

kateykates said...

Good Luck to you too dizzblnd! And Tamara, I must also deal with perseverence!

dizzblnd said...

ah yes tamara.. I have that affliction too..